We are educators eager to work with gardenrs and farmers of all ages and experience levels. We hold workshops and classes at multiple locations that range from basic gardening to deeper understanding of all aspects of farming:  soil, good and bad bugs, identifying diseases, growing from seed or seedlings, nurturing plants, vertical gardening systems, harvesting and many topics in between.

We manage school gardens that offer students the opportunity to plant, grow, harvest, track production, weigh and sell their own produce - thereby taking place in basic financial literacy.  They are also afforded the opportunity to cook with their harvests and learn about healthy eating. 




We are farmers working to feed families and communities with pesticide-free, locally-grown food. We build, and can help you build, urban edible gardens and farms to beautify your surroundings and produce as much food as possible in your space - no matter how small or large - on your balcony, in your back yard,  or in your community common space.

We also streamline access to resources to start successful and sustainable farm operations at area elementary schools, community gardens and even on the roof of Nationals Stadium (look above third base!)

Our office, rooftop farm and nursery are located above W.S. Jenks & Son hardware store at 910 Bladensburg Road, NE, Washington, DC.

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Photo Credit: ms.akr

We are producers.  We not only provide fresh, pesticide-free methods for growing produce, we also ensure healthy produce is available to the community.

Our CSA program offers multiple options for weekly produce bagged and available for pickup at four locations in DC. 

Our school markets, run by the students, host weekly opportunities to purchase produce grown at the schools.  A portion of the funds go directly back to the upkeep of the school gardens.