• 100% organic, natural, renewable and biodegradable

  • Promotes strong root growth and plant vigor

  • Naturally free of bacteria, plant-disease, fungal spores, seeds,
    weeds and soil-borne pathogens

  • Hydrophilic nature allows for easy re-wetting (no more hard crust on top of dry peat pots)

  • Slow degradation & compressed for easy transport and storage

  • Excellent seed starting mix; facilitates seed germination

  • Able to hold high amounts of water, while maintaining soil aeration and drainage makes a great self-watering mix

  • Naturally, Near Neutral pH (5.8-6.3) ideal for nutrient plant intake

  • CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and buffer capacity


  • Hydroponic Production

  • Potted Plant Production

  • Mushroom Production

  • Green Roof Growing Media

  • Soil/Garden Amendment

  • Worm Casting

  • Substrate for composting

  • Bedding for reptiles and other small pets

  • Oil absorbent

Specs & Cost

  • A 5 kilogram brick expands to 1.5 cubic feet (or 5-7 times in volume) when soaked in water.

    • $12 per 5 kg. brick for local DC pickup

    • Inquire about bulk pricing for local pallet (100 bricks) pickup


  • Place dehydrated coconut coir in a container, add water, and solid nutrients if you don't plan on amending your water. 
  • If you have a Root Bag (our preferred container) and bucket you can follow the pictures below to achieve maximum hydration.  

Root Bags can be relocated with ease, emptied and stored for winter and are made of recycled materials.