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Introduction to Vermicomposting and Worm Bin Build

Learn how to vermicompost and make a worm bin for your own home. You can turn your kitchen scraps into great soil food without the hassle of turning hot compost piles.

Joe said: “I’ve been vermicomposting in my living room for over 18 months – no smells, no bugs, no cardiovascular shoveling of hot compost piles – just great compost with great beneficial bacteria.”

At the event, we will:

·          Talk about the science and benefits of vermicomposting;

·          Learn how to vermicompost;

·          Make your own compost bin to take home with you!; and

·          Learn how to brew vermicompost tea for outdoor gardens, or hydro/aquaponic systems.

More about vermicompost:


REGULAR ticket includes just the class, but buy the BUILD ticket and go home with a vermicompost bin ready to use