It all starts with our team.

Without these amazing, generous people who give their time and energy to our cause, we could not continue our mission, maintain our amazing farms throughout DC or grow to help more of the DC community.  Words cannot express our gratitude for their hard work and passion.  Come join this amazing team and see what a great feeling it is, to help those in need. 



Niraj Ray - Founder & CEO -
Niraj is an international pioneer of urban and rural vertical agriculture. From his first backyard garden in Daytona Beach, Florida to vertical gardens for underserved school in Washington, DC and strawberry farms in Maharastra, India, Niraj is intent on finding innovative and sustainable ways to bring fresh produce to communities that need it. He is an educator and agricultural expert with a mission to transform urban food deserts into thriving local food systems. Niraj holds a B.S. in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology from the Ohio State University and a M.S. in Integrated Environmental Science from Bethune-Cookman University, and is a former National Wildlife Federation Emerging Leader Fellow and used to work with the US EPA - Office of Water.

Larissa Hawkins - Rooftop Garden Specialist -

Larissa currently studies studio art at Catholic University of America. Her love for plants started at a young age. She grew up learning how to grow produce in an urban setting from her grandmother. When she was 16 she transitioned to a plant-based diet, which lead her to study alternative medicine and herbalism. Today, she combines her knowledge for both caring and utilizing plants on the rooftop at H Street Farms .

Aiyana Poe- Garden Associate-

Aiyana is currently a student at Prince George’s Community County studying nursing. Aiyana’s interest in plants started through a long lineage of farmers. Growing up in a plant filled environment this pushed her to do volunteer work in gardening in her community as well as create her own vegetable and fruit garden. She has continued to increase her knowledge and even today she is eager to learn more. She is continuing to build and apply her skills of sustainable agricultural through working with cultivate the city.

Victor Julio Blanco Guzman - Urban Farming Apprentice and Founder of and Cultivando Sonora -

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Volunteers make Cultivate the City a viable and sustainable resource for our community.  Interested in joining us?



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